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  • RE: 2-Bullet Tuesday - Edition #64

    @Peter-Moellers so far we've only been testing with Mifare classic and ultralight. We'll make sure to get ahold of some DESFire EV1 cards and let you know how it goes!

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  • RE: How to disable AP?

    Just wanted to jump in and comment about this topic with regard to the WiFi Warp Core driver (b175 and up):
    It is currently not possible to disable the AP and keep the WiFi client.
    However, it is possible to configure the AP to be hidden (not broadcasting the SSID):

    uci set wireless.ap.hidden=1
    uci commit wireless
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  • RE: Add Support for HTTPs and SSL on Omega2

    @peterh-peterh @peanut Here is the procedure on how to enable HTTPs for uhttpd and generate self-signed certificate.

    1. From your command line issue the following commands:
    opkg update
    opkg install px5g-standalone libustream-openssl
    1. Restart the uhttpd service:
    /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart
    1. When you restart uhttpd service, it generates RSA private key and selfsigned certificate, here is the output that I've got after restarting uhttpd:
    # /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart
    4+0 records in
    4+0 records out
    Generating RSA private key, 2048 bit long modulus
    Generating selfsigned certificate with subject 'C=ZZ,ST=Somewhere,L=Unknown,O=LEDEd1d8b179,CN=LEDE,' and validity 20180417162546-20200416162546
    1. Now you can navigate to your browser and type: or https://omega-XXXX.local ( where XXXX are the last digits of your MAC address). Here is my screenshot:

    Enjoy and Happy Hacking :)

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  • 2-Bullet Tuesday - Edition #64

    Welcome back to 2-Bullet Tuesday, where we’ll share useful tips and awesome stuff sent in by Omega2 users all around the world. Check out creative projects and tutorials that will supercharge your IoT development!

    Favorite Project

    RFID Access Control

    This week our favorite project is an RFID access control system by Onion’s own Pavel Metrokhin! The project uses the recently released RFID & NFC Expansion to scan RFID tags and triggers an electronic lock to open when a trusted tag is scanned.

    rfid access control project

    The project uses an Expansion Dock, Relay Expansion, OLED Expansion, RFID & NFC Expansion, a 12V Solenoid Lock and a 12V Power supply. The Omega holds a JSON list of trusted RFID tag IDs and everything else is controlled by a Python program that constantly scans for RFID/NFC tags and triggers the lock when a trusted tag is scanned.

    The Hackster post covers all the steps and will guide you through the hardware setup and software installation. You can find the source code on our RFID-Access-Control GitHub repo.

    So that’s that! A single command to run and voila, you have an electronic lock secured with your RFID tag. Now you just have to find something to keep safe!

    Check out the Hackster Post

    Omega Tip

    Monitor your Battery Level with OnionOS

    Last week, we released OnionOS, our all new web-based, graphical user interface. This week, we’d like to introduce a new OnionOS App: the Battery Level Monitor, for use with the Power Dock 2.

    battery level monitor app

    The App displays the latest battery voltage and a chart of the battery level for the last 24 hours - allowing you to visualize your battery usage. Once a minute, the App will talk to the Omega and grab the latest available readings. Right after the Omega boots, it will start collecting battery level readings, so the app will always have data to display.

    Make sure to note that you’ll need to be using the Power Dock 2 to get the battery level readings. If you’re in need of a LiPo battery to use with your Power Dock 2, our friends at Sparkfun have quite the collection.


    To install the Battery Monitor App on your Omega, run the following commands:

    opkg update
    opkg upgrade power-dock2 oos-app-nfc-exp onion-os
    opkg install oos-app-power-dock-2
    /etc/init.d/power-dock-2 start
    /etc/init.d/rpcd restart

    If you’re thinking, “hmm that’s pretty clunky for adding a new app”, we’re with you 100%. We plan to spend some time improving this flow in the short-to-mid term, stay tuned!

    As always, let us know what you think and if you spot any issues! Happy hacking!


    Make sure to subscribe to 2-Bullet Tuesday to get technical tips about using the Omega, projects created by Omega2 users, and, occasionally, special promotions for the Onion Online Store sent directly to your inbox!


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  • RE: "Editor" upload file BROKEN

    @György-Farkas have you updated the base-www package? If you have done that and still dong get redirected properly try using the following URL


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  • RE: 3D Graphics Rendering

    Can't wait to see more!

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  • RE: Send file by Wi-Fi

    These two Docs articles would be the best place to start: - while this talks about transferring files TO the Omega, the same concepts with rsync and scp apply

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  • RE: [RESOLVED] Importing pySerial problems

    @Paul-Smulders Thanks for sharing your solution. We will go ahead and mark the thread as resolved.

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  • RE: New OS Release!

    @luz :D thanks for the great work!

    @Volker-Helms @John_L @Paul-Cousins and others who have had issues with open networks or connecting in general:
    we've taken a closer look at how the various encryption & cipher combinations work with the Omega and have made some fixes, so please checkout b178.
    Largest improvements are seen on open networks and WPA1.

    Here's a full list of how everything works with b178 based on our testing:

    • WPA2
      • AES works
      • AES+TKIP works
      • TKIP works - observed connecting to network may take up to 30 seconds
    • WPA (out-dated and should not be used)
      • AES works - observed connecting to network can occasionally take a minute or two
      • AES+TKIP works - observed connecting to network can occasionally take a minute or two
      • TKIP works
    • WEP (out-dated and should not be used)
      • Shared Key Authentication works
      • Open System Authentication does not work
    • Open Networks (not secure and should not be used)
      • Works as of b178

    A few more house-keeping updates:

    • due to popular demand, we've added a message when the apcli0 interface connects to an AP, you'll see something like
      • [ 272.474422] Interface apcli0 link up! (WPA2PSK AES)
    • And, as of b177, I2S audio is supported
      • Special thanks to @luz and @sza2-sza2 for their trailblazing efforts on this front
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  • RE: [Solved] Omega2p Warp upgrade fails ?

    Thanks for sharing your solution. We will go and mark you thread as solved.

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