Wifi connection problem with Omega2

  • @Mikaël-PIRIO same result. btw i found my "xiaomi mi router nano" and seems omega2 can connect this router too.
    seems something wrong on omega2 firmware side

  • Call me crazy, but I had a wifi password of 63 characters, including special characters like space, ',' and even '<'. I changed it to a normal 12-character password and now my Omega2 can connect.

  • Hi,
    Is there someone from Onion team working on this issue ?
    I've made upgrade to latest firmware and none of my two Omega2 boards doesn't connect to my WiFi (Mikrotik WPA2).
    Old Onion works OK.

    For now I have to small bricks on my desk..

  • Hello everyone,

    As far as I've noticed, there's something really weird happening. Since I got my Omega2+, I tried for a few hours to get it online, with no succes. Ultimately, by continuosly re-scaning for wifi networks, I stumbled upon my personal one. But when I tried to connect to it, it was unsuccesful, and when I re-scanned for SSID's, it was gone again. So I thought to myself, I'll just play for the lottery, and have patience...and yes, somehow, the omega seems to have connected for a few moments to my wi-fi network, allowing me to update it to the latest firmware, and afterwards, to connect to it...but ONLY locally. Right now, I am still unable to connect to my wi-fi network...and don't worry, I've been through every suggestion I could find on this community( there isn't any collision going on, there are no problems with the channels, or the encryption, or my router). It would seem that it just connects and disconnects as it pleases, whenever it pleases...it works perfectly fine as a local AP, but that's it...what is even more weird, is that, when I am connected to it, it implies that I do have internet access, although I don't. Well, anyway, don't know how much this helps...all I have to say is that I am quite disappointed...I've been waiting for this since August, and apparently it's full of bugs and I can't use it for anything, for now. I hope you guys figure it out soon, best of luck and kind regards!

  • Here is how I solved my wifi issue:

    Hope this helps!

  • Hello @Victor-Iriciuc , welcome to the club of "angry birds".
    Yea almost everyone can sing a song about something who is not working.

    First of all, you addressed your problem to the community, @administrators sometimes catch up here some troubles but first they let us, the community help you. So be patient with us ;)

    The devices and the Docks are very sensitive for current fluctuations. So if you do a photo-shooting of your installation/devices you have a bigger chance that the crack' s here can give you a good advice to solve currencies troubles (include the dock or your direct power-source in your pictures).

    Also if there would be a Hardware Problem the pictures would help to get an RMA ... see Guidelines on top of page.

    Then you said you could update, to witch version? There is a new online.

    I've been waiting for this since August, and apparently it's full of bugs and I can't use it for anything, for now. I hope you guys figure it out soon, best of luck and kind regards!

    I guess there where thousands of backers who waited as you ... and hundreds who are disappointed somehow (inclusive me ).

  • @Victor-Iriciuc
    I may be wrong, but I think Kickstarter type companies should change their policies. The prototype product should be 90% fully functional. The public funding should be for final testing, and all the manufacturing and supply chain details. After a predetermined period and fully funded, and 100% completed, the product should be ready to sell to the general public and hopefully will be a success. I know in the real world, it doesn't quite work that way. Just my opinion.

  • @Victor-Iriciuc
    Sympathize with you. I have almost the same problems. But my device just does not connect to Wi-Fi. At all!
    We see now a very bad attitude of developers to those who supported!

  • So... to get mine to connect I had to create a new SSID that ONLY provides 2.4GHz. My normal one does both 2.4 ad 5 on the same SSID which seems to confuse the Omega2.

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