Omega2 expansion dock alternative?

  • @Mark-B That is also a nice find for a 2mm headers supplier, at half the price I paid per header. Sometimes a lower price means the slowest mail from China, perhaps not with this seller. From either supplier will have to wait for the end of Chinese New Year, ie after ~2/8 to order.

  • @Ken-Conrad @Mark-B They look perfect. And I suppose I can blame Chinese New Year for not being able to find these or anything similar. Looks like ebay hides all the items for sellers that go on holiday :(

  • @Keij-H eBay search for the listing should still work, but you can't order until the seller turns off the 'vacation notice'.

  • @Ken-Conrad Oddly enough, if you go to the "see other items" or "visit store" links, even from an existing directly linked item like those above, ebay claims that no items are available. You can only find the item if you already know the item number. (It really feels like I had to use the word 'item' too many times in this post.)

  • @Keij-H I just order the full 40pin lengths and cut them to suit. You lose a socket wherever you cut it, but you can file and smooth it out enough to make it not look cruddy. Plus it's the cheapest way to get them! ;)

    i.e. 10pc 1x40 2mm header for AUD$3.74 including postage from eBay! :-O

    Oh, and I have some of those boards that manuti manuti has linked coming (are in the post should should turn this week hopefully) :edit: scratch that, had just arrived!, and they do look really handy if you don't have a dock, and want to shove an Oak onto a breadboard or just have an easy way to power it.

  • @Peter-Feerick I order 3 boards to OSHpark and the female pin header shared by @Ken-Conrad
    Is interesting to know how this alternative dock works

  • @manuti-manuti Well, I take that back... they had actually arrived in yesterdays post so they had actually arrived when I wrote that I was expecting them! :laughing:

    They look really good. I had also ordered some breakout wings which just do the conversion from 2mm to 2.54mm. So I now have the option of straight-out breakout adaptor (which should be be very breadboard friendly as you can have the wings go under the Omega2 and make more of the breadboard accessible) or a quasi dock with USB power and a serial connection. Nice! Just went and ordered a load of bits from eBay to populate the board... hopefully I got all the right bits! :D :crystal_ball:

  • I want to share two more DIY breakout board I found:

  • You can look into this CE onion omega screw terminal Board.
    Onion Omega ST

  • I used seeed studio for pcb fabrication for it is much cheaper than oshpark and, is it possible for me to download the design files and sent to another pcb house to get manfactured?

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