A proposal for an alternative form of Arduino Dock

  • @Chris-Ward For your reference, the Soft I2C Library for Arduino can be found here: https://github.com/todbot/SoftI2CMaster
    The circuit diagram for the Timer Oscillator I have built is shown in this pdf file:I2C-Timer-Oscillator.pdf
    The I2C-OSC referred to in the diagram is this: http://www.gravitech.us/i2c1kto68pro.html
    Note also:

    • Jumpers J1/J2 set the divisor used for the output signal frequency
    • Jumper ENABLE is an enable jumper - would normally expect this to be permanently installed
    • Jumpers I2C_PU select whether or not pull ups are used on the I2C pins
    • Jumpers I2C_ADDR set the I2C address allowing up to two such timer oscillators to be used with different addresses

    The following zip file contains my own Arduino library sources related to this (I think I have included all relevant files) : ArduinoOwnLibs.zip - let me know if you need info on how to use these.

    Just for further information, I too use a Spakfun Shield adapter for the Teensy (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13288 _ assume this is the one you refer too) though I have made some modifications to it to expose the second I2C interface that the Teensy has which isn't otherwise exposed on the Sparkfun shield.

    My original proposal for an alternative Arduino Dock in this topic was intended to reflect something like this Sparkfun Teensy Adapter but for the Omega

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