Omega Onion 2+ Price Increase???

  • I bought a few Omega's for my projects a few months back as its price was good at $5 and $9 for the 2 and 2+ respectively.
    I was shocked today to find out the price has increased more than double to $10.75 and $13.

    What happened guys?? You are now in the realm of the Pi Zero W, which I would personally choose over the Omega as costs are the same.

  • the $5 & $9 were the kickstarter/indiegogo prices. and they always said after those ended prices would increase. i have not been following the increases though since i got several units during campaign.

  • I don't agree, becouse i got mine 2+ a few mounths after they finished indiegogo, and the prices after that went up like 0.20-0.50 each month and yes a pi zero W is better quality for the price

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