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RESOLVED: Access GPIO pins with OLED expansion

  • So I've been thinking about building a digital thermostat with my Omega. So far, I feel I'll need the relay expansion (for control to HVAC) and a digital thermometer (DS18B20 should work). I'd also like to use the OLED screen expansion that I already have for a display. I can stack this on top of the relay expansion but after that, the OLED expansion can't be stacked upon. The digital thermometer isn't an official expansion so I need some sort of access to the GPIO pins for it. Can this be done or will I have to ditch the OLED screen?

  • @Matthew-Molnar Probably your best bet is to use a Prototype Expansion that can be plugged in between your Relay and OLED Expansions. You can then wire your digital thermometer to the Prototype Expansion.

    The Prototype Expansion is listed on https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/omega2-5-linux-computer-with-wi-fi-made-for-iot#/

  • You could connect the pins that are needed for the OLED with jumper cables rather than having to plug the OLED directly into the Omega:

    OLED pinout

    Basically it only needs i2c, ground, 3.3v, and 2.8v pins. (I used an old IDE ribbon cable to do this in a project where I wanted the OLED and GPIO at the same time.)

    It would be great to have a small adapter or something for this though!

  • I am doing very much the same!
    Here is my current working (but not very tidy) setup!

    alt text

    Soldered the wires onto the GPIO pins on top of the OLED display. Then off to a solid state relay to control the 1kW load ( http://amzn.to/2grrQSh )

    I'm then using the easy to access jumpers on the temperature sensor to feed 3volts into the solid state relay via the relay expansion which is behind the oled display.

  • Thanks for the awesome replies. Having trouble tagging this as Resolved, interface not allowing me.
    Edit: Went full screen on browser and had just enough room to tag.

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