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[Resolved] Memory full - No WiFi & unable to access

  • Hi guys

    I have an Omega2+ with the expansion dock. The device was working fine until I tried to install Home Assistant. I switched to the LEDE repos and then I ran this commands:

    opkg install python3
    opkg install python3-pip
    opkg install python3-dev
    pip3 install homeassistant

    Halfway through the installation process of this last package, I ran out of disk space (I didn't configured an SD card or USB key as external storage until that point). So I did it following the guide, but when I restarted the device I couldn't connect to it and I don't even see the Omega WiFi network. The LEDs flash as usual.

    My guess is the ROM is still out of space so the OS can't fully boot (and / or I made a mistake with the USB configuration). Following an advice found here in the forums I copied the firmware to the USB, renamed it to omega2.bin and powered the device while pressing the reset button with the hope to do a manual firmware upgrade. Nothing. I can't access it.

    If somebody can help me, I'll be eternally thankful.

  • It is quite unlikely that your device is "bricked" and even fairly unlikely that you need to upgrade or replace the firmware.

    All you really need to do is perform a factory reset which will wipe out the partition containing your customizations, putting you back to a factory fresh state.

    You can follow the instructions for doing that with the button or a wire having the same effect.

    That said, on any customization-oriented system of this type, life will be easy with a logic-level USB serial adapter hooked up, so that you can see what U-Boot, kernel boot messages, etc are saying, rather than having only LEDs to go on until the point where wifi comes up.

  • You're right. I overlooked the factory reset function.
    My device is very much alive. Sorry for the false alarm.

  • @Lucas-Godoy , you may could change the title to "memory full" instaed of bricked and mark it as resolved (inkl. add tag resolved).

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