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Power Omega 2 without dock

  • I am trying to power the Omega 2 without buying a dock. I know the input is 3.3V and 200mA.
    This is what I am planning to do:

    Purchase this USB step down - http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-in-1-DC-DC-USB-5V-to-3-3V-Step-Down-Buck-Module-LED-Motor-CPLD-ARM-AVR-Arduino-/231360476318
    Solder the ground prong of the step down to the ground pin on the Omega.
    Then Solder the 3.3V prong of the step down to the input pin on the Omega.
    Finally, Plug the USB step down into a 5V 500mA wall charger.

    My question is, will this work correctly?

  • Omega2 requires solid 3.3V stable voltage output at 300mA.
    And one more critical spec... power supply needs to be able to handle in-rush current during WiFi power-up without voltage drop.

    That fleabay $0.99 item needs a large capacitor (I recommend 220uF 6.3V) on its input side and a large capacitor on its output side (I recommend 470uF 6.3V.) The link between that unit and Omega 2 cannot be too thin gauge (I recommend 22 ga) and definitely use soldering as opposed to using DuPoint connectors.


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