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Can webcam stream other video/picture formats ?

  • Hello
    everything is in the title.
    i see my webcam stream via this page :

    but i want to grab the video feed in a program i'm building now (on android)
    is there any possibility to obtain anything else than this output ?
    for example be able to receive the stream as an IMAGE (with an extension like .jpg or any other) instead of such more elaborate url ?

    thanks in advance

  • @frederic-raducki
    Huh? I have been working on webcam streaming now on a side project for a bit. I dont quite understand what you are doing. For me I made a web based door bell camera with onion + webcam that did reverse SSH to a server in the cloud and streamed the webcam feed to the server, from there I made it publically accessible and could view it anywhere. That is the quick version

    FYI mjpeg-stream is in mjpeg format lol. What its doing is sending lots of photos a second and you view it as video. mjpeg-stream is limited. Look into ffmpeg if you want different file formats. Also, I used a program called Shinobi cctv to encode the mjpeg stream in mp4 files broken out in 1 minute chunks.

  • thanks for your answer.
    Actually i wished to send data to unity3d.
    but seems i foudn an alternative solution.

  • What was the alternative?

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