@Ankit-Rana I tried to reply for this "Omega 2 can't complete booting process!!!" and this "Omega continously Booting ..." statements.

Later you wrote

Omega 2 can't complete booting process!!!

but still the LED is blinking for some time and again it continue, omega complete booting process.

"Omega 2 can't complete booting" vs "omega complete booting" - this is some contradiction.
And I don't fully understand what about the amber OMEGA LED.

You have a USB-to-3.3V TTL serial converter module.
You have already made a Serial Console connection (RX0, TX0, GND --- your module Tx, Rx, GND --- USB port of your host PC --- PuTTY).
Omega continously Booting cant find access point
Look at the output of the Serial Console to see what's going on.