You have different choices for CAN on Omega2. The obvious way is using a MCP2515 connected to SPI. I'm not 100% sure if you can use hardware accelerated SPI on Omega2. The necessary pins seems to be connected to the pin header but Ralink/Mediatek SPI is normally half duplex and the MCP2515 kernel modul expect full duplex.

Another problem is the latency of the SPI Linux Framework. On high CANBus load packets might getting out of order or being lost.

For testing I've written a combined MCP2515-SPI (GPIO-Bitbanged) driver:
The results were better than expexcted - no packet loss on a saturated 250kbit CANBus.

As of today I'm prefering using a CAN2Serail converter based on a cheap PIC18F25K80. The Firmware was writen by Darron Broad. The serial to CAN conversion is amazing fast and is only limited by the serial speed. The good thing is the PIC could be flashed in circuit and the software, including assembler is part of an OpenWRT/Lede feed. If you are interested:

But: The easiest way is to use a USB based CAN Adapter, of course ;-)