@Marti-MG Thanks for this information!

I made a separate mode for the WS2811 because the timing specs from the datasheet I had were definitely not compatible with those I knew working with the WS2812/13. But I had no WS2811 to test back then.

I'm not too surprised that apparently the datasheet is not correct. I saw the same for WS2813 which had the T0L time specified 300nS, which is definitely not working with real WS2813 as I found out.

The modes are actually just timing numbers in a table in the driver, see line 157 in p44-ledchain.c. So it would be simple to nudge the WS2811 entry towards the WS2813 timing until it works.

For the time being, I just added a note to the p44-ledchain README.md to also try WS2813 mode in case WS2811 does not work.