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@Robert-Meagher, I had the same problem. The problem is in different version of OpenWRT repository, that now version 19 and older version Onion OS that based of version 18. MyPrepaidBalance

Your opkg manager is downloading packages from OpenWRT 19, that using GCC 7 or higher.

I fixed it by installing GCC with flags: force and without dependence, than all the dependence was installed manual. The list of depends you can found in the OpenWRT repository.

Now I'm using GCC 7 on the Onion OS (based OpenWRT 18), with no problems includes GDB debugger.

There seems to be a conflict between the standard Omega opkg sources and the lede-based sources that the Onion guys said to add to distfeeds.conf. lede sources want to install a later version of gcc and gdb, and dependencies get out of whack.

I don't recommend to use "live-compile", because you will have next problems:

Difficult use third-party libraries, because IPK (OPKG's) packages installs without lib_____-dev sub-package. In that case you need to manual copy it from cross-compilation toolchain.

Target-machine (Onion) also hasn't got some of system-only headers (.h-files). May be it never needs for you, but if another one case it will be problem.

Compilation takes a long time even simple projects.

In any case you have to install cross-compile toolchain, but I recommend install GDB on target (Onion) machine, because remote debugging doesn't works. Version of gdbserver and gdb (linux's or windows' hosts are don't work)

Now I'm writing big manual with a C-templates to fast install and deploy SDK and make native applications.