Got 1.3.5 to run, together with Cura.

There are quite some hacks, but hope this is useful for you. Start from the comment of Jeff Karney (11 Mar 2017) - and do create the swap file of 512MB !

Continue Octoprint Installation

Replace step 3 with the following steps...

cd /root wget unzip

Make sure everything can compile

ln -s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/bin/ccache_cc

Install all dependencies

cd OctoPrint-1.3.5 pip install -r requirements.txt

Fix unicode we can't deal with in the code

sed -i 's/Häußge/H\./g' /root/OctoPrint-1.3.5/src/octoprint/util/ sed -i 's/Häußge/H\./g' /root/OctoPrint-1.3.5/src/octoprint/plugins/virtual_printer/

Start octoprint from command line (see article on how to auto-restart it on boot)

octoprint serve --iknowwhatimdoing & Install Cura Install prerequisites opkg install make Download Cura legacy cd /root wget unzip

Here's a hack I found-out I needed since make failed (forgot how)

echo "#undef LIBC_HAS_BACKTRACE_FUNC" > /usr/include/execinfo.h

Then we can build Cura (it's long on the Omega2+)

cd CuraEngine-legacy make

For some reason ld can't find the static libraries for c and stdc++ and the build fails. I couldn't fix this directly, but what I did was to remove the --static from the last build line and this works.

so if your build fails with:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lstdc++ /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lc collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
then run this (or remove the --static from the last output of make):

g++ build/bridge.o build/comb.o build/gcodeExport.o build/infill.o build/inset.o build /layerPart.o build/main.o build/optimizedModel.o build/pathOrderOptimizer.o build/polygonOptimizer.o build/raft.o build/set tings.o build/skin.o build/skirt.o build/slicer.o build/support.o build/timeEstimate.o build/modelFile/modelFile.o build/ut ils/gettime.o build/utils/logoutput.o build/utils/socket.o -o build/CuraEngine -Lbuild/ -lclipper -flto Give Octoprint the path to Cura

Run the Octoprint wizard: open http://omega-xxxx.local:5000 where xxxx are the 4 last digits of your Omega2+ mac address
In the Cura Configuration step input the Octoprint setup Wizard CuraEngine:
Path to CuraEngine: /root/CuraEngine-legacy/build/CuraEngine