Omega2+ fails to connect to wifi

  • @Diego-Sueiro and @Alex-Thow, it happens to me too in the Omega2+ 0.1.10 b160. With this firmware never boot completly and omega led is blinking all the time.
    I have installed other firmware and it works fine (led stop blinking and remain solid), saving all data and configurations but when I upgrated to last version, never works anymore.
    Any solution for this firmware @administrators ?

  • Finally got my Omega2 to reliably work with Mikrotik wifi in WPA2PSK-AES mode!

    Here's the trick: as discovered earlier by @Scott-Horsley the option mode 'sta' allows connecting to AP, but does not allow any useful transmission. I found out that if you switch to mode '9' (original setting) following a successful connection in mode 'sta', without reboot, it will work!

    Try this on a clean Omega:

    • set your SSID, password and mode with the following commands:
    uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ApCliSsid='yourssid'
    uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ApCliPassWord='yourpassword'
    uci set wireless.ra0.mode='sta'
    uci commit
    • then edit /etc/rc.local to include: (before the "exit 0" line)
    /sbin/uci set wireless.ra0.mode=9

    Do not commit the mode=9, you need config file to remain set to mode='sta'. Reboot to try out.

    Good luck!

    ps. in an out-of-the-box Omega2, this will skip the installation wizard and you'll need to install the Console manually

  • @Diego-Sueiro
    I finally seem to have got mine connecting to wifi now on each reboot (still can't quite believe it!).

    Here's my etc/config/wireless:

    config wifi-device 'ra0'
    	option type 'ralink'
    	option mode 'sta'
    	option channel 'auto'
    	option ht '20'
    config wifi-iface
    	option device 'ra0'
    	option network 'wlan'
    	option mode 'ap'
    	option ssid 'Omega-831B'
    	option encryption 'psk2'
    	option key '12whatevr'
    	option ApCliAuthMode 'WPA2PSK'
    	option ApCliEncrypType 'AES'
    	option ApAuthMode 'WPA2PSK'
    	option ApCliSsid 'ap7411'
    	option ApCliPassWord '123yadayada'
    	option ApCliEnable '1'

    I don't know what most of these do but they all seem to matter and the ORDER also seems to matter! (for some). Specifically ApAuthMode I tried right after key but it didn't like it!

    No "config wifi-config"...reqd info is in the iface.

    device mode 'sta' works for me. Could also try ap or adhoc. '9' just didn't do it for me!

    Anyway, now that I've posted this it'll probably break so speak to ya soon!

  • @Alex-Thow ,

    Changing option mode '9' to option mode 'sta' lets the option ApCliEnable '1' to persist across reboots.

  • This is beyond frustrating and idiotic . I have been modifying small routers with DD-WRT for years, setting up everything in config files, without the aid of any web or graphical interface.

    I have ~15 years experience with linux and unix systems , yet for the past four days i'm banging my head against the monitor , setting up a device that is supposed to be "beginner friendly" .

    This is bad engineering to say the least, and disrespect for the people who bought this device .
    Do not consider this post as a rant, but rather a wake up call for those who built and sell this device .
    Either stick to your claim that this device is beginner friendly, of say the goddam truth that even expert level will find this difficult and confusing.
    And for the love of god, write BIG on the disclaimer "WE DO NOT HAVE DOCUMENTATION" . Besides an youtube clip and some truly misleading tutorials, there is nothing useful.
    Advanced documentation on config files ? - We don't have that ! The documentation you published is NOT accurate !!

    Thank you, and please excuse my angry post, but your device got me on this level ..

  • @Alex-Thow I tried your config.. In my case, it doesn't work no matter what router i use ( i have 10 various routers, and i had the patience to test them all.. two times in a row ) .

    So can you please elaborate a bit on your setup ?

  • I have found the issue with the web setup and the real reason why no one seems to be able to connect the device to any wireless network. What i did, in steps, so anyone can reproduce .
    1 - Reset the device to factory defaults ( VERY IMPORTANT if you tested and failed to setup wireless before ).

    2 - immediately after successful boot, connect to the WIFI AP that Omega2+ sets up, but DO NOT connect to the web setup.

    3 - log-in to SSH or serial console, and edit /etc/config/wireless ( vi /etc/config/wireless ).

    4 - Remove the line 'option country 'US' . If you will read the OPENWRT documentation, you will see that this setting is NOT mandatory, but it has an adverse effect for anyone that has the router set to any NON-US country. Apparently, the devs from Onion live under the impression that there is only US in this world.....
    Save the file ..

    5 - reboot the device, connect to the wireless AP set by the device, and run the web setup. For me it was successful , but i will gladly help anyone, as the admins from Onion seem to be clueless ...

  • @Scott-Horsley I can confirm this working on my mikrotik router, after 48+ hours of frustration and head-banging against the monitor . Great job !!

  • @Michal-Rok Okay, you are a genius!

    That is working, however, still unsure why setting it after connection changes anything.

    Even more so, it appears that without setting mode sta it doesn't even appear to attempt to connect with the router.

    Would really love to know what the mode flags do to the ralink device!

    Using rc.local is of course the key to getting this working after the fact but I feel dirty leaving it as a proper solution.

    Thanks to anybody and everybody that put effort in here, I think we have a (albeit, not perfect) working solution.

    Can anybody else confirm this works on other MT units out in the wild?

    I'm doing this on a 2011UAS-2HnD but I believe it should work on any unit of them.

  • @Mikaël-PIRIO Thanks for all your efforts. After a day of frustration, I found your post. Following your advice, I was finally able to connect to my home wifi.

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