npm coming to Omega2+?

  • @Brian-Robbins From the information you provide, my guess would be that you have an issue with your /etc/config/fstab file.

    After setting up the USB drive for pivot-overlay did you run block detect > /etc/config/fstab and edit the resulting /etc/config/fstab file as described in Step 4 in

    If you like, you could send me or post a copy of your /etc/config/fstab file and I will take a look at it

  • @Kit-Bishop
    Thanks for helping! Here is my /etc/config/fstab:

    config global
            option anon_swap '0'
            option anon_mount '0'
            option auto_swap '1'
            option auto_mount '1'
            option delay_root '5'
            option check_fs '0'
    config mount
            option target '/mnt/sda1'
            option uuid 'e74b8398-1f14-44cd-b25b-d7e11f87796a'
            option enabled '1'

    and the file is "unwritable"

    root@Omega-8735:/# root@Omega-8735:/# block detect > /etc/config/fstab
    /bin/ash: can't create /etc/config/fstab: Read-only file system

  • @Brian-Robbins This is strange - not what I would have expected. I think there may be some relevant differences between the original Omega and Omega2 particularly in relation to the read only status of /etc/config/fstab which is a fairly important configuaration file - unfortunately I am still waiting for my Omega2 to arrive so can't test it out yet.

    In the original Omega set up for swap and pivot-overlay, there would be 2 config mount entries in /etc/config/fstab - one for the swap partition and one for the pivot-overlay partition. Also, the pivot-overlay partition should be mounted on /overlay (not /mnt/sda1)

    You could try using the following commands to change the mount point for what I believe to be you pivot-overlay partition:

    uci set fstab.@mount[0].target='/overlay'
    uci commit fstab

    and reboot your Omega

    But if I'm wrong, it could potentially cause problems and I am reluctant to recommended it without having tried it myself.

    Just to check what block detect thinks the fstab file should be you could just run:

    block detect > ~/fstab-check

    and send the resultant ~/fstab-check file for me to look at.

    If there really are significant differences with the Omega2, it would really help if the Omega devs could publish an up to date version of specifically for the Omega2

  • @Kit-Bishop
    Again thanks for helping.

    root@Omega-XXXX:/# block detect > ~/fstab-check
    /bin/ash: can't create /root/fstab-check: Read-only file system

    and pardon my ignorance, I'm used to seeing /bin/bash not bin/ash

  • @Brian-Robbins This is strange. Using:

           block detect > ~/fstab-check

    should have just output to a file in your home directory. Can you create files in ~/ OK? If not, there is some other issue with your system that I really don't understand. Are you sure you are logged on to your Omega as root?

    You could just try:

           block detect

    to output to the screen and let me know what the result is.

    FYI: /bin/ash is basically a smaller, more compact version of /bin/bash and for most basic operations operates the same

  • @Kit-Bishop
    I gave up and booted to failsafe and did a factory reset. Just doesn't seem worth the trouble. I figure I'll put this onion aside for awhile until and if the bugs get cleared up................
    Thanks for helping and your time!

  • @Kit-Bishop

    You can install bash if you wish like this:

    opkg update
    opkg install bash

  • @TheLion Yes - but have never really needed it :-)

  • @Kit-Bishop

    Ahh - true enough. :-) I replied to the wrong person - was supposed to be a reply to Brian..
    ash is a smaller version than bash.. There's no B in it for a start...! :-)

  • In relation to using pivot-overlay (and/or pivot-root) on the Omega2 to get more system disk space using a USB drive (or SD card?), see my recent post

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