Shipment to UK

  • Hi,
    I was expecting my pledge & topup to be shipped "starting in December"
    Can you give me an update. Details of my order are:-
    All prices are in US dollars.

    Lots of Expansions! $64.00 × 1 $64.00
    Omega2 Plus + Dock $24.00 × 1 $24.00
    Omega2 Plus $9.00 × 1 $9.00
    Relay Expansion $15.00 × 1 $15.00
    I2S Audio Expansion $15.00 × 1 $15.00

    Subtotal $127.00
    Shipping $8.98
    Amount Already Pledged -$64.00

    Total $71.98

    Your order has been paid for via: PayPal

    • Your order items have been finalized.
    • You may change your shipping address within the same country until November 20, 2016.
    • Your order will start shipping in December after Kickstarter orders have been shipped.

    Thanks again for your support!

  • @John-Hallatt You're much more likely to receive a reply, if you e-mail them.

  • I am in the UK and I received mine 2 days ago so hopefully yours has already arrived or soon will.

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