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  • Perfect guidance @Kit-Bishop thanks.

    What mods would I need to do to the .config file to include the basic "Onion network facilities" (just AP on and ability to scan and connect Omega to router)?

    Are there any pre-built packages available that give 11MB + user space for the Omega 2?

  • @Costas-Costas solder on a larger flash chip and configure the dts files for your larger memory?

  • @Theodore-Borromeo if you had seen me with a soldering iron you would know that's not going to happen.

  • @Costas-Costas fair enough, though in all fairness, I don't ever think that what I suggested should be the case :). I think that you need a USB stick with pivot overlay solution, or get the 2plus with a built in sd card ( I purposely got that one after dealing with this on the first omega)

  • @Theodore-Borromeo I have 2's and 2+'s. The 2+'s don't need the SD card / USB stick as they have enough user space for my project. It's just the plain 2's that are a touch too small and of course they don't have SD cards to make it easy.

  • @Costas-Costas th slicer has the right approach: compile a minimal kernel and see if that helps

  • @Theodore-Borromeo I had actually thought about soldering a 64MB flash on mine, but heck, all that large chips I can find cost more than the Omega 2 itself -- not worth it.

  • @Theodore-Borromeo soldering flash chip could be major PITA, because you'll have to remove the metal shield first.

    @Costas-Costas the ability to connect to an access point is in the minimal package. There is no GUI for it. You will have to edit two files:

    Here is my network file. I disabled the lan bridge and the ethernet, since I don't use them. The configured the wireless wlan0 to use dhcp.

    Here is my wireless config. My network uses WPA2. The LEDE web site has decent docs on these files.

  • @WereCatf no doubt. the idea that it's an option just takes me back to the glory days of mask ROMs on a SNES cartridge ( I am NOT old enough to be hearkening back that far). recently someone did it with the flash memory on an iPhone, but I totally don't intend for anyone to go that far.

    I honestly thought that this would have been the major revision with the omega2s over the omegas. I honestly wished that they would have made a much larger leap in processing power and memory just based on the immediate limitations on the original once it became clear that it kind of didn't deliver out of the box expectations w.r.t. node.js etc.

    It's interesting to see where omega is supposed to thrive though, based on the price point and feature sets. I honestly hope they abandon their current course and pivot to open hardware with integrated node red. They could then focus on creating a handheld PC like the pocket chip ( or partnering) that could communicate with the omega wifi ap to program things offline, with tutorials embedded into the 'host' computer. if each kit were under $100, they could kick-start or have local schools launch go fund mes to purchase kits for local schools.

    as a side note, it'd be an interesting company to start that templates GoFundMe campaigns for local schools/organizations. you could reuse a lot of the base work to commoditize projects, and then make your profit by minimizing overhead via spreading the development cost over the multiple campaigns. I don't think there is any organization now that will help you fundraise in that way, barring what little I know about classy. . .

  • @luz said in GPL Source Code:

    LEDE has done its first release, 17.01 - and Omega2/Omega2p support is included!

    Techdata (i added pictures to see how they look like)

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