Yocto BSP layer

  • Hi all,

    can anyone help me sort this issue out? I would like to use Yocto project for building the software for my Omega 2, but can't find the appropriate meta-XXX layer...

    Does anyone of you have enough experience to guide/help me?

    Thank you very much!


  • +1 for opensource. I also want to build something with Yocto and Omega 2+

  • @Peter-Hatina Why would you want Yocto when you have LEDE/OpenWrt? Serious question - I know yocto only a bit but found it way too heavy/complicated for targets as small as the Omega.

    But still I'd be interested in hearing arguments in favor of using yocto on the omega ;-)

    Both LEDE and its ancestor OpenWrt are open source.

  • @luz Just curious, if it is possible. In meantime I changed my mind just because of those things you mentioned, as well. For tiny devices, it doesn't seem to be that suitable. I admit. The only weak argument was to use the same tools I am used to. Only that, nothing else. :)

  • @Peter-Hatina Curiosity is a very good reason :-)
    As is using the tools one already knows and has experience with for new projects!

    I'm currently asking the same questions the other way around: Can I run RaspberryPi's with LEDE/OpenWrt? (yes) Alix 2d13? (yes) DigiConnect 9210 ME? (No, seems nobody ported the ARM9-based NS9210 SoC yet, maybe I'll try some day. There's no yocto for it, either).

  • What bothers me more is the fact, that I cannot build LEDE image myself with my own packages for Omega2 - it fails to git clone several components :(

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