Python2.7 segfaults on i2c write

  • I did a simple hardware twitter client using Omega2+ Arduino Dock2 and LCD Keypad Shield.
    I use i2c to send tweets to arduino sketch. And sometimes python just segfaults.
    First time it happened on "How dangerous is Putin?" tweet.
    But this is not a RussianHackers(tm) work, I checked!

    I use

    And i have latest versions of everything

    Ω-ware: 0.1.9 b149
    python - 2.7.13-3
    pyOmegaExpansion - 0.4-1

    That's what I see in logs:

    Tue Jan 31 14:38:47 2017 kernel: [10265.251937] 
    Tue Jan 31 14:38:47 2017 kernel: [10265.251937] do_page_fault(): sending SIGSEGV to python for invalid write access to 00000000
    Tue Jan 31 14:38:47 2017 kernel: [10265.260432] epc = 77a44864 in[77a1c000+92000]
    Tue Jan 31 14:38:47 2017 kernel: [10265.265605] ra  = 7727ac19 in[7727a000+11000]
    Tue Jan 31 14:38:47 2017 kernel: [10265.271405] 

    Here is the code:

    P.S.: I have just found out that I can actually use Py3 with OmegaExpansion module, so I am going to try if it works better, but if the problem is in c moule it won't help :(

  • @Sergey-Melekhin looks like there is no esay way to run OmegaExpansion in py3k :(
    People why do you even start writing new python2.7 libs in 2016? Only time since 2006 when I used py2 for a new project was when I needed scrapy, which was too big to port easily.

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