Maker Channel Seteup Q

  • Onion Omega (Firmware 0.1.4 b330)
    Relay Expansion

    I am able to have the Omega relay expansion turn on/off a LED when:

    • connected to the Omega via serial cable
    • using ssh over WiFi
    • using the Device Explorer at

    Love the form factor and am very much enjoying the user experience of having the Omega interface to other devices/expansions.

    My question relates to using the Do button with IFTTT and the Maker Channel.
    Specifically, when configuring the Maker channel portion to make a web request, I am using:

    URL--><my device id was here>/i2c_exp/relay-exp?key=<my API key was here>

    Method--> POST

    Content Type--> application/json

    Body--> {"command":"set","params":{"channel":"0","state":"on", "address":"000"} }
    (It seems the space between the last two braces is necessary.)

    I am able to click the Do button but am not seeing the Omega relay expansion react.

    The link to came tantalizing close to answering my question. Can anybody enlighten the ignorant person (me :confounded: ) here?

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