Compiling LEDE on Windows 10

  • I have created a guide on how to compile the LEDE project used for the Omega2 on Windows 10 Pro thanks to a feature called WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

  • Outstanding!

    Following your instructions worked first time. Is there was a way to mod you up or grant points? :)

    Just a follow-up question...

    In the home directory of my WSL the 'source' directory is now ~5G in size. Can I delete all but the 'staging_dir' directories and still have a working dev environment?

    Since the WSL is on the C: drive it's cramped the available storage somewhat..

    Many thanks,


  • @Chris-H not specifically for Windows, but I'd say better use one of the "make clean" options provided by LEDE than deleting stuff manually: see here.

  • @luz

    Thanks for the suggestion, however ;) ...

    "Make clean" made little/no difference to the size, so I tried "make dirclean" but this nuked most everything including the toolchain (!). It did reduce the size to ~450Mb though :D

    Oh well, I'll just have to live with it until I work out a better way...

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