Branching out?

  • OK, so being someone who has worked in computers most of his adult life, I have not gotten into the meat of what makes them all work on the basest levels. Sure, I can keep my Windows 10, MacOS, Ubuntu (new) and now Onion communicating and working and performing different things, I never really got into the maker culture. I dont know how to solder, I only just started to program and I have never made a robot or 3D printed anything.

    However, the Omega 2 has me way curious on everything single board. I picked up a Raspberry Pi Zero and VNC into it while it sits on a shelf in the other room. I even have Webmin installed and running and managing the Zero. I have the 2 Omegas working like a charm. One goes with me to play with while on the go. The other sits near a window and is running as a webcam and weather box. I have bought and it is on its way now, an Intel Edison and some SparkFun boards to look at some more ways of doing things. I would like to pick up something like a Latte Panda, but I am spending too money on this stuff for now. I think I have enough to go with and I am running out of outlets to plug these devices in. I will probably get a Raspberry Pi 3 (or whatever the newest one is). I will eventually get another couple Omegas and a couple different boards and the arduino breakout for the Edison at some point.

    What other boards or projects are you all working with besides the Omegas?

  • Lots of projects benefit from smaller microcontroller-type chips that run from internal flash, boot effectively instantly, and have little state that can be corrupted. Basically, the real versions of what Arduino waters down (sometimes you can use an actual Arduino for those tasks, and other times it would be very awkward to, though some will still try).

    Ultimately it is useful to have both embedded operating system and "bare metal" microcontroller solutions in your toolkit of familiar resources - sometimes it even makes sense to use both in the same project, each for the task it is best at.

  • FRDM KL-25Z is an awesome little board based on the MBED platform. And then, old school, home-brewed 8031/51 based boards, which, because of the ease with which you can access every part of the hardware, still kicks arse for some applications because there is no OS that gets in the way.

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