Power dock turning off after 30 minutes

  • Hi,
    After I set up my Omega2+ (powered with the power dock and 2A USB charger), it ran for around 30 minutes and then
    it switched off. All the leds on the dock are off. If I use the ON/OFF switch, it turns on again for 30 minutes and then stops again.
    I haven't tried to power the Omega with another source than the dock yet...
    I tried with several different chargers though.

    Has anyone experimented that situation?

  • I'm having the same issue. I have been powering it off of a 5v 2.5amp wall charger and it has issues staying on for longer than 30 minutes. I have tried using a plain usb to computer to power it with no better results. A weird thing that happens to mine is the switch does nothing after the 30 minutes. Switching it on and off does nothing; I have to un-plug then re-plug it in.

  • I gave up on my power dock in the end, there is something not right with it I am sure. In fact I had cause to plug it on just to supply 5V to an audio amp I was testing (lots of ambient noise when plugging into the Omega) and it was fine until I turned the volume up to more than 50% then it would play a sound file but in the middle reset the power and restart. This is with a 2.5A USB supply. This confirmed my suspicion that the Power dock had a problem supplying power correctly. Which explains why it would not power up the Omega by just plugging usb power into it. It would charge the battery but you had to toggle the power switch to get it to supply power to the Omega.

    All in all I think the Power Dock has some design/build issues and I opted for another solution which I have to say is much nicer in the end.

  • I have the same issue.

  • Does it work correctly now?

  • Same issue here :-(

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