Individually Addressable SMD led, Just like WS2812, But it also have another SMD led, SK6812, About its controller way, here have someone know.

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    SK6812 by three Ann (RGB) 5050+ Ming for chip drive IC positiveness integrated single serial constant current IC-LED,unlimited cascade, built-in power supply, reverse connect protection template power reverse will not damage
    the IC, the history of the most stable LED RGB built-in IC-5050. Article is suitable for the magic lantern, balance the light belt,audio module, LED electronic screen and other LED products.
    Model :SK6812
    Product specification:SMD 5050RGB
    Operating voltage:DC 5V
    Product Chip:Sanan
    Drive IC:mingwei Sk6812 IC
    Rated current:12mA
    Product power:0.25W
    Service life:50000H

  • ws2812 led has the same protocol with sk6812 led,so they can be controlled by the same controller.
    WS2812B led datasheet: LED Datasheet.pdf

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