Omega2+ causes suspicious firewall traffic

  • I have just taken a freshly updated​ Omega2+ and left it sitting idle. I noticed on my firewall that it seems to be continuously streaming data at about 700bps in both directions. It seems to talking over port 80 to these ip addresses:,

    My assumption is that it's got something to do with but since I opted out of the cloud service when I ran the setup, I wouldn't​ have expected it to be trying to register.

    Does anyone know what my omega2+ is sending​ to or getting from these servers?


  • Both IPs look like being of Amazon.
    Check it out with

  • 52.x.x.x/10 is Amazon Web Services, i.e., Amazon Cloud.
    I think Omega2 is doing its "ET call home" (no matter what) business.

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