Issues Setting Up Cron in Onion Omega [Resolved]

  • Trying to figure out the reason(s) a script is not running properly.

    Set a shell to call a *.py file every minute with the following:


    */1 * * * * /root/


    The runs a *.py file which checks an I2C temperature module and sends the results to Ubidots. It works fine manually. Tried restarting Cron and a few other variations such as adding sh to it.

    The file has the following properties (also tried chmod a+x, u+x, 755, 666 and others):

    -rwx------ 1 root root 62 Jul 21 15:07

    Checking logread indicates that cron it running:

    Fri Jul 21 15:38:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3491 cmd /root/
    Fri Jul 21 15:39:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3493 cmd /root/
    Fri Jul 21 15:40:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3495 cmd /root/
    Fri Jul 21 15:41:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3497 cmd /root/
    Fri Jul 21 15:42:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3499 cmd /root/
    Fri Jul 21 15:43:00 2017 crond[3464]: USER root pid 3502 cmd /root/

    Cron works fine on another Omega2+, so confused as to why it's not working or in this case generating any output.

    Message in Test.log file:

    -ash: crontab.txt: not found

    The crontab.txt is listed in /etc/crontabs as root (file).

    Any ideas on what to try next? Just don't won't to have a script running in an infinite loop after startup.

  • Used crontab -e to edit crontab and removed the ^M which were preventing it from running successfully. Think they were either inserting through a copy&past or through the console.

    Now, it's time to get some rest.

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