Getting gpio-irq built using the lede source path

  • I've been trying to find the original instructions related to adding the gpio-irq kernel module in the OnionIoT github. I have found lots of references to the problems, and to instructions about cross compiling. Nothing about how to add individual paths to the build system. There used to be a page that had the exact instructions to add it to the system in sources/packages such that menuconfig could pick it up and build it when it builds the kernel. If I remember right, you had to add it to some package file somewhere (I tried tmp/.package*) to get the kernel system to pick it up. I can't find that reference anymore. Can someone lend me a hand? Or, maybe, did Onion add that module to a firmware yet? I didn't see it in the latest.

    I have the cross compiler running, I can build against target and run code. My problem is figuring out how to get kernel modules built correctly. I know there was a page somewhere, I just can't find it now that I'm looking for it again.

    Or, does someone have the .ko already built I can just DL from somewhere?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Peter-Buelow said in Getting gpio-irq built using the lede source path:

    adding the gpio-irq kernel module in the OnionIoT github

    this was from a few months ago, maybe you [or any other interested party] had not read it

  • Thanks, but I had seen that a few times before. The step I was missing was to reproduce the project it was forked from, but replace the contents. I remember from a while back that someone posted some step by step to get it to build correctly in the lede source/package/kernel path when you build lede using make menuconfig, but maybe I'm making that up.

    I guess if I spent a few minutes more thinking about it, I may have figured it out sooner. The gpio-irq sources are missing the structure to get Lede to incorporate and allow for a quick build. I've forked the gpio-irq sources and modified it with the correct makefile structure in an attempt to make this easier to do (I think).

    Anyway, you can find my fork here.

    cd source/package/kernel
    git clone
    cd ../../
    make menuconfig

    Find the new module in Kernel Modules and then Other Modules
    Select it as a module (M)
    exit saving .config

    You'll can find it in build_dir/target-mipsel_24kc_musl/linux-ramips_mt76x8/gpio-irq

  • @Peter-Buelow nice work Peter and thank you for sharing your work.

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