Crazy idea... 2.54mm pins model

  • Would it be possible to create an Omega2 line with 2.54mm pin spacing?

    I've solved the spacing issue for myself-- but all the DIY stuff I have access to NOW as in if I were to drive to a store is using standard breadboard spacing... I think the smaller form factor is great when you want to mass build with an Omega2 heart. But, I'd like the chip & glue components to sit on a pcb that fits in a breadboard if I could ask for anything to help me develop.

    Don't change the general shape or proportions of something to another except the width between the pins-- functionality and design the same, just more space between the pins...

    The surface mount chip is a good sibling to the current 1mm pin spacing model-- but as a developer I want to be able to push it into a breadboard. In a finished project that I would repeat, I'll make a custom PCB that uses the 1mm spacing-- the 1mm spacing is a value adding feature in a finished project. But, for development, the shields don't interest me and the 1mm spacing is troublesome.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • i know this doesn't address your comment but just in the meantime you can buy adapter boards/pitch changers that have the pin spacing of the omega2 adapted to the 2.54mm pin spacing. like these pitch changers,
    but there are others also. you could center the 16 pin omega2 on the 20 pin changer i guess. or get the 16 pin board they have,

  • I'm currently enjoying a workaround courtesy of someone generously spending their time to make PCBs available...

    But, what if the Omega2 just straight up plugged into a breadboard...

  • @Brad-Chesney said in Crazy idea... 2.54mm pins model:

    But, what if the Omega2 just straight up plugged into a breadboard...

    That would basically be the Linkit Smart, Mediatek's own evaluation/project module for the same MT7688 chip, with on-board USB power and a breadboard friendly form factor.

  • @Brad-Chesney it would be nice in some situations but from a marketplace view you would then have direct competition with all the other boards with that foot print and i'm not very certain on how the omega family would perform. as it is now the omega family has a smaller group of similar sized boards to be compete with and for some they are looking for the smaller package. that paticular project you linked to was overall good but i could not use the regulator package which was listed so i ended up using the next package size down. i recently did the dock/new project and enjoyed building it.

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