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  • I am facing various problems with I2C.
    I can communicate with an OLED (send)
    Then I tried using an ADS1115 (4 analog inputs)
    I can not get correct readings
    Always returns 0xff
    I also tried to communicate with a NodeMCU without success.
    The i2cdetect command does not work, it always returns the same thing, no matter what is connected and not connected.

    In addition to other problems with interruptions and other details in Omega2.
    To make a simple button, I have to do a loop that consumes a lot of processing.

    Another detail is that I can not communicate with, since I made the freight payment spent more than two months to get a response on the screening.
    Imagine support, if I send a message only next year I'll have something.

    This way it is impossible to have a confidence in the company in acquiring a large amount of Omega2S.
    I am in tests to be able to homologate the product to be able to make a purchase of at least 1000 omega.

    I have a deadline to build the product if I do not lose the investment and I can not get a simple answer.

    Even an email requesting a estimate of 1000 omega2s was not answered.

  • hi,

    I've got similar result, Trying I2c between an omega and an arduino do not work with i2cget.
    I2cdetect do not work at all.
    I2cset seems to work.

    As far as iknow, i2c is working with python or other language.

    I2cget works with bitbanged I2c, i have followed this tutorials :

    I agree with you, there is many problem with this product, no answers, it seems to be too young !

  • How they want us to rely on buying the Omega2S would be for OEM without serious support. Efforts will once again be made to resolve the problems.
    Without proper support, fixes of problems, it is impossible to trust and acquire more products.

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