Onion Omega2 Project Book - where are the sources

  • Hey team,

    I'm going through the project book and hoping to fix errors as I do. So a couple of questions.
    What source is used to generate the book's pdf file?
    How often is the pdf regenerated? i.e. How soon can new users benefit from the corrections?


  • @cas You might want to put in a help desk ticket to get an answer on this.

  • Also, the docs are on github, so if you found something you want to correct, you can fork the repo:

    Omega Onion Projects repo

  • @Allison-K Thanks. I figured that in all likelihood it's all going to come from the docs github repo eventually, so I already fixed something in the docs and sent a pull request a few days back. Am waiting for it to be actioned.

    I'll do a ticket re the pdf generation frequency though.

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