Connect to Corporate Wifi

  • Hi all, another question, before buying this board (Onion Omega2+), is it possible to connect to WPA2-Enterprise (Eduroam)? If I need this tiny unit connected to a corporate Wifi network (username & password) is this possible?

    Cheers, Jeroen

  • Hi all,

    I'm waiting for my Onion Omega2+ (incl. expansion boards) to arrive, I'v ordered it 1 week ago, so it should be a couple of days before this gem is delivered. A question in the meanwhile. My original quest is still unanswered. I want to use this device on a corporate WiFi network (Eduroam).

    Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    Encryption type: AES
    Authentication method: PEAP

    I've found this document:

    But does this also work for the Omega2+, or are there any easier solutions (perhaps a new firmware, where WPA2-Enterprise/PEAP is auto included...?
    I can imagine I'm not alone with this 'dilemma'?

    I hope someone can answer me about this matter?

    With kind regards,
    Jeroen Wolf

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