Install/Cross Compiled Node Modules

  • I am trying to setup Homebridge on my 2+ and I'm having some trouble cross-compiling the dependencies. I have been able to setup the cross-compilation environment on my Mac (High Sierra) however I continuously receive "Illegal Instruction 4" errors when trying to cross compile.

    I was then able to get in touch with someone who successfully cross-compiled HAP-NodeJS (Homebridge's only dependency that requires compilation, Homebridge itself doesn't need to be cross compiled) however I have not been successful installing that compiled version on my 2+. I've tried copying over files to various locations on the 2+, but when I then try and install Homebridge, the omega attempts to rebuild the HAP-Nodejs dependency (with node-gyp/make). Here is a link to the compiled module:, and here is the user's blogpost on how he cross-compiled it:

    How would I go about installing this cross-compiled node module, and then subsequently install Homebridge (if it's not just calling npm install homebridge)?

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