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    For some reason it doesn't work to scan for wifi networks while your in the AP network on the webserver of the Omega.
    I tried it over Ajax->PHP->Shell and then returning the json string. It just loads...
    Then I tried the setup wizard just to look how Onion solved this problem, but it's not working there either.

    I don't think scanning for networks on boot or something like that, is a Solution.
    You should be able to scan for networks over a webserver and it works fine if your connected to the omega over the local network.

    Any suggestions?

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    @Fabian-Nydegger-0 You can scan the WiFi networks using a single ubus command:

    ubus call onion wifi-scan "{'device':'ra0'}"

    The wifisetup (not setup wizard as you mentioned) gets you through the process of connecting to available AP's. Also, wifisetup utility is an open source program that you can take a look in Our GitHub Repo

  • I want to setup the onion over my own Webserver, the only problem I have is:

    echo shell_exec("ubus call onion wifi-scan \"{'device':'ra0'}\"");

    calling this command in the php script over the Webserver while being in the AP Network of the Omega, causes an infinit loop.

    Can I avoid this somehow?

  • I totaly forgot about the Bonjour Service thats why it didn't worked, usally I just set it up using the command-line.

    Is there a way to to scan for Networks while setting up the omega without the Bonjour Service?

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