I2S Issues

  • Good Day Onion Team and Community,

    Can we please get an acknowledgement that I2S has not been functional since b193?

    Please can you share any information that may be relevant to this issue so that the community can help debug.

    Both Audio OUT and IN are required for a project that I am doing and I would really like to be on the latest Build including all the nice work you guys have been doing.


  • Doubt it is helpful, but I can confirm that I2S audio as an output is not functional on firmware b221, b200, b196. The only firmware version I had working audio on was b193, b180 and b177. (I assume it works from b193 to b177, but I only tested b180) This was all tested on the same onion omega2+ with a MAX98367A I2S mono amp breakout board from adafruit.

    It would be nice to have working I2S and hardware PWM on the same firmware.


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