I2S Issues

  • Good Day Onion Team and Community,

    Can we please get an acknowledgement that I2S has not been functional since b193?

    Please can you share any information that may be relevant to this issue so that the community can help debug.

    Both Audio OUT and IN are required for a project that I am doing and I would really like to be on the latest Build including all the nice work you guys have been doing.


  • Doubt it is helpful, but I can confirm that I2S audio as an output is not functional on firmware b221, b200, b196. The only firmware version I had working audio on was b193, b180 and b177. (I assume it works from b193 to b177, but I only tested b180) This was all tested on the same onion omega2+ with a MAX98367A I2S mono amp breakout board from adafruit.

    It would be nice to have working I2S and hardware PWM on the same firmware.


  • First time posting on the Onion Community... Hello, hello.
    The Omega2 has seemed very promising as a fast track to product development and I commend the efforts of the Team and Community.

    I am also looking to get i2s audio functioning on an Onion Omega2. I am working on a product where we had been considering the LinkIt Smart 7688 as an embedded solution, but it suffers from a lack of support when it comes to running more modern OpenWRT with i2s functionality, similarly unsupported by the larger OpenWRT community.

    I was hoping that the i2s functionality on the Onion Omega2 would make this a clear alternative to the LinkIt Smart 7688, however it seems that they both lack the attention to get the feature running.

    All of this is to say that I just wanted to add my voice and product needs around a functioning embedded linux solution that has out of the box i2s audio support.

    I've scraped together whatever information that I can to attempt to get i2s functioning by way of building my own custom firmware with ALSA enabled and DTS files altered only to result in:
    A) a custom built firmware with almost functioning i2s (ALSA detects a "card") but no proper playback
    B) a custom built firmware with no functioning i2s even though I seem to have all of the puzzle pieces in place
    C) a custom built firmware that crashes on boot

    I'm really not sure what's next to experiment with, but any input would be greatly appreciated on either a path towards a solution running i2s on the Omega2, or suggestions on an device alternative that is in the same price range but is committed to supporting i2s audio.


  • Just adding some info from onions logs in the hope it point someone in the right direction:

    New Firmware (0.2.2 b200)

    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.info kernel: [   12.122322] ralink-i2s 10000a00.i2s: mclk 480KHz
    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.err kernel: [   12.130308] max98090 0-0010: Failed to reset codec: -6
    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.err kernel: [   12.135792] max98090 0-0010: Failed to read device revision: -1
    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.err kernel: [   12.141799] max98090 0-0010: ASoC: failed to probe component -1
    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.err kernel: [   12.148456] asoc-simple-card sound: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -1
    Fri May 24 06:36:52 2019 kern.warn kernel: [   12.155350] asoc-simple-card: probe of sound failed with error -1

    Old Firmware (0.2.0 b193)

    Tue Jul 17 23:48:36 2018 kern.info kernel: [   11.947660] ralink-i2s 10000a00.i2s: mclk 480KHz
    Tue Jul 17 23:48:36 2018 kern.err kernel: [   11.986476] max98090 0-0010: Unrecognized revision 0xff
    Tue Jul 17 23:48:36 2018 kern.warn kernel: [   11.991794] max98090 0-0010: Mismatch in DT specified CODEC type.
    Tue Jul 17 23:48:36 2018 kern.info kernel: [   12.000577] max98090 0-0010: use default 2.8v micbias
    Tue Jul 17 23:48:36 2018 kern.info kernel: [   12.020403] asoc-simple-card sound: HiFi <-> 10000a00.i2s mapping ok

  • @UFD said in I2S Issues:

    are (0.2.2 b200)

    Somewhere I read they disabled i2s audio, if you search the forums there is more info on it but no one from Onion.io has made any comments on it. Better to submit a help ticket if possible. I had to downgrade the fw to use audio as well. The other work around that I found that does work, though I hate it, is using a USB audio driver.

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