Replacing /etc/banner

  • When building custom firmware, the docs indicate that if you want to customise files they can be placed in <build_root>/files

    To replace /etc/banner you would place the new banner file in <build_root>/files/etc/banner

    This doesn't work, but if I create a new file for example <build_root>/files/etc/banner.test this file is included in the firmware build.

    Has anyone successfully replaced the banner file in a custom firmware build?

  • @crispyoz
    Your file will be there, but is being replaced and removed at startup by the code in: files/etc/uci-defaults/14_banner.

  • Thanks @cas I din't know you could run scripts from files. Need to look into that.

  • @crispyoz
    UCI defaults is a special directory where you can drop scripts to do initial device setups or configurations on first boot.

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