MCP2515, can4linux, and SPI

  • I've laid out a custom expansion board that plugs in to an EXP DOC expansion port and has an MCP2515 (and physical layer chip) connected to the SPI bus (CS1).

    It looks like there has been a bit of work done with this combination... I'm new to using Linux with this sort of stuff though. I've got a few questions though... does anyone know:
    1- Is there a driver for the MCP2515 compiled into the Onion Kernel?
    2- Is can4linux compiled into the Kernel?
    3- Has anyone been able to get the MCP2515 up and going?

    It looks like someone did a bitbanged version of the driver, but I expect too much going on to rely on the timing with that version.


  • AFAIK Ramips/Mediateks SPI device is half duplex and it will not work without modifying the SPI driver or the MCP2515 kernel module to control a MCP2515. I've done a dirty hack for a Carambola1 board (RT5350) years ago. The Carambola1 uses non SPI flash (NAND) so the patch doesn't harm the flash access. But the Omega2 uses the SPI flash - bad luck.
    The other way would be using bitbanged SPI. It worked better than expected.

    As of today I'm using a PIC connected via ttyS1:
    The PIC is programmed inband from the Omega2.



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