Broken mini dock switch

  • I imagine it is pretty wide spread. I now use the needle method too.

  • @Pedro-Baco
    My expansion was also broken the first time when i switched it on, and not in the on position.
    I have 2 so I looked to the other one.

  • same thing here with the mini dock

  • Unfortunately tried my Onion first in the larger expansion dock and nothing from the LED on the Omega. Then the switch snapped off the dock. Then tried the Mini dock, again nothing from the Omega and then the switch snapped off that dock too...

    Not a happy bunny right now...

  • administrators

    Hi @Rick-Behl, I'm so sorry about your terrible experience with the docks. Before the switch broke off, were you able to turn the switches to the ON position? Let's first see if we can figure out why the LED on the Omega isn't turning on.

  • The switch snapped off the dock of the larger expansion dock for my Onion too.

  • Hi @Boken-Lin , thanks for your message. Unfortunately the light on the Omega has never been on even when I tried the to switch it on before the switches broke off. This was the same on the mini and expansion dock... I did see another thread about some Omega's having the wrong firmware but not sure if I should try the same steps?

    I hope you can help.

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    @Rick-Behl I think if the Omega has the wrong firmware, the LED light should still turn on. So you did manage to turn the switch to the ON position right? Are there any humming noise coming out of the Omega?

  • I got my Omega with minidock earlier this week and love it. However, not one hour after opening up, the switch on the mini dock is broken. Any chance you can just list a few compatible replacement parts at Mouser or Digikey that we could use to make our own in-field repair? We definitely need something with a bit more mass in the switch.

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    Hi @Jason-Taylor, really sorry about the poor quality of the switches! But here's a link to Amazon with parts that you can replace the switches with.

  • On the plus side, I have 2 docks. On the down side, I've busted one within 10 minutes.

    That switch is sure fragile -- the shaft is not much thicker than 100u

    Is there a reason to use Amazon instead of Alibaba? That Amazon vendor is charging $35 for shipping!

  • Hi @Boken-Lin, sorry for the delay. Even after trying two docks I could not get the Omega to switch on the LED, make any humming noises or anything else... In the mean time both my expansion dock and mini dock switches snapped off... I'm quite disappointed that I have not been able to play around at all with these devices, was really excited to get these before Christmas... I live in Singapore. Can I send the units I have back for an exchange please?

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    @Doug-Plant Hi Doug, the reason that we included the ones from Amazon is because we have tried a couple of switches from Alibaba and Taobao, and they turned out to be just as fragile as the ones used on the Docks. :( We have tested out the ones from Amazon, and they are much higher quality. We will be using these switches in our future production runs.

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    @Rick-Behl Hi Rick, We will send you the replacement right away. It would be greatly appreciated if you can send the defective ones to the following address:

    To: Ms. Wu
    43 Lianfeng Road Suite 402, Chang'an District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
    Phone: +86 13798812723

    Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Mine also broke within 1 hour of having it :(
    thankfully my switch broke in the on position!!!
    i really think the design of the mini dock needs to be rethrough, or maybe a stronger switch

  • administrators

    @Simon-Smith So sorry about that Simon! It is the issue with the switch. We have changed our source for the switches for future manufacturing runs, and we have also changed the way the Docks are being tested to include the switches as well.

  • Hi Boken Lin, I have posted the broken items back to the address in Guangdong today. I will send you a private message with the tracking number. I hope you will also consider reimbursing me for the shipping costs to send these faulty items back.

  • Hi Boken Lin, I received today the packet with an Omega and a Mini Dock. Unfortunately at the first attempt the power switch disapperared and so I'm not able to switch on. I don't know how to do. Could someone help me? I don't understand how to use a needle to change the switch position.
    Please help us, I'm very happy to receive the Omega but I was not able to see it working :-(

  • I have the same problem. My switch is broken, and I have a needle, but don't see how to turn it on- there's nothing in the slot where the switch was.

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    Hi @Chuck-Dee, I'm really sorry about the bad experience! Can you take a close-up picture of your dock where the switch is supposed to be? Let's see what's it looks like and see if there's anything we can do about it.

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