Omega getting too hot to the touch

  • My newest Omega (#3) is acting erratic and getting very hot. The wifi drops out after a couple of minutes, and in the mini dock the total current draw is around 700mA. The SoC chip is also extremely hot to the touch. I'm guessing this is a bad device. How do I get a replacement, and do you folks at Onion want the unit to determine what's wrong?

  • Your current breadboard design may also cause it. If you pull up a low output, or something kie it.

    Or the other problem could be over voltage. Have you checked?

    Mine only draws 100ma 4,95v from expansion board.

  • @esunayg,

    I'm just plugging the Omega into the mini dock with nothing other than power through the micro-USB port. My other two Omega units run just slightly warm,

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