• Hi,

    I've been struggling for some time to set usb midi on onion omega. I know this is probably one of the least likely things for which people would use onion, but I want it nevertheless :)

    I've installed all alsa related packages, including utils-seq, and when running "aconnect -l -i" to list all midi input devices, I get "/dev/snd/seq no such file". I see that all available alsa modules are loaded (all alsa related kmod packages are installed as far as opkg is concerned), including midi related ones.

    I have observed that when I have usb midi devices plugged in, and I run alsamixer - midi devices show up in selection menu for mixer.

    Has anyone tried using usb midi on omega?

    Is there any official way of recompiling kernel - I've tried official onion omega openwrt buildroot instructions, and I get kernel 4.1, but I see that omega runs 3.18. I don't want to hack much (yet) if there is easier (the right) way to do this.

    I think maybe we are missing some oss legacy modules which would make this work, but I am not sure, that's why I would like to try and compile those modules.

    For now, most important thing for me is that I get aconnect to work, as I want to use omega it as usb-midi router (and later maybe add serial midi or even midi over ethernet/wifi).

    Thanks in advance,

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