Serial port communication using Node.js

  • I can not make the serial communication using NodeJS work. Is there any success story about getting the serial comms on Omega using NodeJS?

    I tried both serialport and much less popular serialport-js packages, but couldn't get to working condition.

    The Omega is connected to Arduino using TX and RX pins, and I know there's no problem with the Arduino end, as the tests using Python are working fine. I just can't get anything working under NodeJS.

  • Are you able to import the serialport package into your script?

  • No, haven't succeeded.

  • I am running into this issue as well - the prebuilt SerialPort Module for MIPS does not exist. And I am still trying to figure out how to get the module to compile....

  • Did you try opkg install node-usb?

    I tried this one but doesnt seem to get past require('usb'), cant find the files on the filesystem either, npm cant see them and they are not in /usr/bin.

    I too would love it if there was an opkg package for npm's serialport, even if its an older version of the same.

  • @Steven-de-Salas said in Serial port communication using Node.js:

    Did you try opkg install node-usb?

    That doesn't seem like it would help, as a USB serial converter isn't a "USB" device from an application perspective, but rather a "serial" one.

  • Hi guys, I just thought you'd like to know that I got serialport npm module cross compiled for the Omega2 following instructions here and here.

    I will try get a more easily consumable version (maybe another npm package?) but for now feel free to download a working version of serialport@3.0.0 on the following link:

    You just need to untar and move the node_modules/serialport and node_modules/.bin folders to node_modules in your project or global npm folder.

    Even better:

    Here is a fork containing the cross-compiled binaries:

    Since its in github you can install via npm:

    $ npm install github:sdesalas/node-serialport-omega2


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