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  • Have a project idea but don't have time, resources, knowledge, etc. to build it? Dump it here and maybe another Onioneer can help realize your vision!

  • @francis-chung Please create a shield or dock for use Onion in a common breadboard ;) the defaults pines are so close :(

  • @Laurence-HR said in Idea Dump:

    @francis-chung Please create a shield or dock for use Onion in a common breadboard ;) the defaults pines are so close :(

    Already in discussion here, there are some off-the-shelf parts that could work:

  • Would love if you could create offline / paper-wallets for bitcoin on the device, all automated and all that.

    We'll see!

  • Looking to make a device that can notify me when my washing machine or dryer cycle has stopped. I do not have any LED's on my washer or drier, so I was thinking about using vibration sensing (accelerometer, or knock sensor) to alert when vibration stops for 2 minutes (that way if it is between cycles, it won't false positive). Just backed the Onion 2+ on Kickstarter!

  • @Jay-Bremner, if you have a rotating knob like those old washing machines, you could use simple wires and conducting surface (aluminum foil), so that would make you a simple digital switch that you can use directly into your omega.

  • build a wifi scanner with orion omega and output it on the screen. Maybe check if the open wifi has internet :)

  • @francis-chung I would like to make a home electrical appliances remote monitoring and control system, so that even when away from your home/house, you can still be able to know and turn off appliances connected to power. This is useful in ways such that your iron-box will not burn your house before you get home to turn it off. I can sufficiently code the application with Python, so my major hurdle and holdback is that I don't have enough free time on my hands.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Kit-Bishop Interesting! Kind of an awkward form-factor, but good to see that the need is recognized.

  • On the topic of ideas: I want to use an Omega2 to supercharge retro computers like the Commodore 64. Give it more storage, Wi-Fi, and so on. I've already done this with an Arduino (link) but a real Linux command-line through the Omega would be amazing.

    Interface would be through serial, so the second UART on the Omega2 is very welcome.

  • Oh Yes! That is so great!
    @francis-chung and @administrators, Is possible get this BreadBoard Dock? Or how much will be cost?

    @Leif-Bloomquist @Laurence-HR They've done it :-) See latest on Omega2 kickstarter at

  • administrators

    @Laurence-HR The Breadboard Dock will be given to all backers who have pledged $64 or more.
    Details on price and availability will be announced after the campaign :)

  • I have a project where I need to record every barcode scan before it reaches the Point of Sale system.

    I would like to use a USB barcode scanner, plug it into the Omega and then record each scan in a text file.

    At the same time the Omega must output the barcode just scanned to the Point of Sale system via USB.

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

  • I have found this: and

    Both seems to indicate that this should be possible?

  • Hey guys, I have an onion omega and I have a project idea but I don't know where to start.

    What I need to achieve?
    I need a QRCODE reader, that will read the qrcode and either do a bip or flash a led to inform the user the code was read.

    This is a project for a social service I'm currently involved, but I have no idea how to build it.

    I'm a coder, but an IoT noob, don't even know which parts to buy!

    I have to mention that it has to be somehow cheap, because if I'm success full I might have to build dozens of it.

    Thank you for your help!

  • I need to read the APK guide, I suppose....

    But I wonder how hard it is pair (bluetooth) two Omegas (or Omega2s) together?

    Basically with the pair, you have one doing the monitoring and the second performing tasks. The reason for pairing is that the system is not completely shut down by one of them going out. True, the one performing actions could still be performing incorrect actions if it is the problem module, but there is an idea I could program a baseline action that performs no actions as the default.

    IF [one] perceives <threshold_event_z>, then
    [two] performs <action_z>
    IF [one] perceives <threshold_event_y>, then
    [two] performs <action_y>
    else loop

  • @Rafael-Roman The cheepest way would be to build a phone app. All the hardware that you need are already assembled and ready to use in any smart phone. There are tons of QRCODE apps out there, so you could perhaps modify and existing open-source one to suit your needs.

  • I want to mate an onion to a SNES cart to make a development platform for retro SNES games. I think that the onion2 would have a larger size than any game ever made, but would also allow for wifi connections in game. I have always wanted to be able to do networked multiplayer on the SNES, as they still have one of the best couch co-op games in Super Smash TV ;)

    I mainly want to realize the Google April Fool's Day joke in 2012, except on the SNES: