Idea Dump

  • I am trying to make a flexible digital led display, and I found one NEW LED "APA107 LED", so how can i make the display? and what kinds of controller/decoder i need?
    datasheet for the APA107 LED,

  • 1- I'd like to build a simple alarm clock using Omega2+.
    It would display the current time in a 16x02 common "arduino display" (using Expansion board's GPIO), a common buzzer and blinking the Expansion board's built-in RGB LED.

    2- Build a level gauge for a tank.
    Where it can distinguish other and "heavier" liquids (in general, matte one) than upper water liquid (transparent one), measuring height of the "heavier" liquid without reporting the water height, just the other liquid.

  • So my "crazy idea of the week" is to build a module that will go in one of the GBIC slots on my Cisco 3524 switch to add wifi capability to it. I think that I could do this by marrying an existing 1000-base-T module for the switch and maybe (if the GBIC slot doesn't provide power/enough power) an external power source. Sadly, as much as I really want to do this and get rid of the consumer grade router that currently sticks around only to provide wifi I have neither the time nor a 1000-base-T module lying around.

  • @Kris-Sisk
    C3524's GBIC slot expect to have an Ethernet PHY transceiver in it to complete its gigabit Ethernet NIC to talk to the outside world.
    Omega2 has no role in playing as an Ethernet PHY, PERIOD.

  • I want to interface wireless module like cc1101 or cc2500 with onion omega. Both uses SPI interface, I am not an expert in technical instrument.Let me know if anyone is willing to do it.

  • Hi guys, I am working on a project that will use the onion as a router and show a captive portal every 30 minutes to display an Ad, survey, or promotion.

    Let me know if you think if this is possible, I am playing around with Iptables and Nodogsplash.

    Is this even possible to make?

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