GPS Not Working

  • Hey, I've successfully completed the entire tutorial on the GPS expansion with the Omega, but I still get nothing but 'no signal' when I access the GPS via the ubus call.

    I have my setup configured according to the 'Hardware Fix for Stability Issue' section, which did lower the number of satellites in view (i.e. GPGSV, 3rd parameter) from 20 down to 8, but the third positional value of the GPRMC remains 'V' instead of changing to 'A'.

    I am indoors, but I have the GPS on the window sill. Could this be why I don't see signal? Does the GPS expansion actually need to be outdoors?

    Any other suggestions?

  • How long have you been waiting for the GPS to get a lock?

  • All day. ;)

    I started in the morning and got the power issue resolved, which reduced the satellite count from 20 to 8. I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for signal.

  • Hi guys!

    Did you resolved the problem of GPS doesn't work? I'm making a project that uses GPS inside a vehicle and I'm having problems with GPS (expansion) signal.

    If you resolved this problem... I'd like to know how you did.


  • my problems with connection ended when i began using a larger antenna than the one that is on the expansion board. i used this,

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