@Gary-Saini It is possible to use other IDE's.
For example, I use Netbeans IDE running under Kubuntu.
For compiling C/C++ it is necessary to install the cross compilation environment and setup Netbeans to reference the environment. The resulting built binary file can then be transferred to the Omega (using e.g. scp) and run from there. While it is also possible to set up Netbeans to also transfer the binary automatically to the Omega.
Netbeans projects can be used to either use the standard C/C++ build methods or to use a specific hand crafted Makefile - I generally use the Makefile method (it is a bit easier to set up and I have a template Makefile that I tailor to any specific project). I have done this to build standalone programs and both static and dynamic libraries.
I have also used Netbeans to build Java programs (for running on the Omega under jamvm).