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  • If you are a Windows user, you will note some changes/differences in between the X-OS'es.
    I will start this topic to poste some of them and give the chance to post/link further infos.


    Here the Filesystem (hierachy, structure) explained.

    Drive-letters <> mount-points

    Compared to Windows, where uses drive letters for partitions, in linux we use mount-points. The partitions can be on different drives /dev/sdx. x means alphabetic letters starting with a... first drive would be /dev/sda.
    The partitions are numbers. For example on first drive the first partition would be /dev/sda1 etc.

    A mount point could be for example the user data ... /home on a separate partition >
    /home > /dev/sda4 would mean partition 4 on drive a would be the home data /home.

    If you are new to linux, dont miss to read in the wiki ... Introduction to Linux

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