Omega2+ not starting up

  • @DrWheetos said in Omega2+ not starting up:

    I'm the OP and have followed the RMA procedure to the letter but have had no response from Onion other than to close my support ticket saying it will be resolved by the community. I got the ticket reopened on 28th Dec and it's still open with no response so far.

    That's quite terrible, to be honest. Pinging @administrators might help, but they should have fixed this from the get-go and not just closed the ticket.

  • @DrWheetos said in Omega2+ not starting up:

    ...had no response from Onion other than to close my support ticket saying it will be resolved by the community...

    The best statement since long from onion ... kkk

    It is really strange ... ppl who already have hardware from onion and know a bit how to deal with, are still waiting to get the new hardware ... And then they write the community should solve it ... what a strange Idea!!

    @administrators, please let us have one FAQ with actual information!! Best made on Github.

  • administrators

    @DrWheetos and all others with the same issue:
    I'm sorry that your ticket was closed with no real resolution! Our support hasn't been all that great lately and we definitely want to improve on that end, so we've made some staffing and procedure changes on the support side.

    If you have this issue, please create (or reopen) a ticket on the helpdesk and we will try to sort it out!

  • @Lazar-Demin Thanks Lazar. I can see that one of your hardware designers is working on my ticket now.

  • I'm going through the same as you. Banner only over the serial, month old ticket that got closed, zero comforting comments, now assigned to a designer (I'm not convinced). Let us know if you have any progress!

    (Fortunately I ordered 2 and the other works fine)

  • @Hummed Another week on and still no update on my ticket. And to rub it in I get an email broadcasted from Onion today to say creating a ticket is the best way to resolve an issue. Maybe it's because of the Chinese new year celebrations. Still it's encouraging that I'm not the only one with this issue.

    In the meantime, I'm having great fun with Particle Photons that just work.

  • Re: Omega2+ not starting up

    I have also encountered the same problem.
    Is not this an initial malfunction?
    Onion should do a technical investigation, but I do not have to wait for the result.
    Please exchange immediately.
    (My ticket number is 5296.)

  • Someone had an update on this issue (Ticket or something) ?

  • Got a nice update on ticket, my unit will be replaced.
    For thoses who still wait a reply, don't worry they will answer it.

  • No update on my ticket as yet. It has been closed again with no indication of what course of action I should take. I've been waiting almost 3 months now. I'll re-open the ticket and ask for a resolution.

  • At last, a result. Onion will be sending a replacement in the next shipping batch. Better late than never.

  • @Lazar-Demin OK, so it's been almost 2 months now and despite my ticket being closed 3 times saying it's been resolved, and a promise of a replacement Omega 2+ which would be delivered within 2 weeks from 14th March, it hasn't happened. So I've raised a new ticket (#8161) because I can't re-open the old one. To say the least, I'm very disappointed to have paid for this last year and I'm still waiting nearly 6 months later. Not an easy introduction to Kickstarter for me!

    @Johan-Charpentier Did you get a replacement?

  • Just for the record, I've received my Omega 2+ and it's working fine. With the help of the community, I've got the LEDE cross compiler working in a hyper-v machine and a hello world C program running on the Omega. Nice! Now to start something a bit more adventurous. :smile:

  • @DrWheetos I have this problem also.
    So the outcome is the hardware fault correct? And anybody who encounters this problem should get a replacement?

  • I just got a new 2+ and same relocate error. Has this been solved? Is there a fix? WTF? this is a year later, you would think they test these things before shipping. I also got a onion 2 at the same time. It was tested because the pins were bent from de-insertion. The pins were straight on the 2+. Not saying they didn't, but sure looks like its not tested. I Always order at least 2 of everything when I'm developing. Can't say how much time it has saved me but its huge.

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