Can't connect to Omega2+ Access Point

  • I can't connect to Omega2 Access Point

    I managed to set up my Omega2 using the GUI by connecting to the Access Point and setting up the wifi. However, when I go to and then Device Manager it says that my Omega2 is offline. So I wanted to connect to the Access Point again and make sure it was set up properly, but now I cannot connect; When trying to connect to "Omega-ABCD" it asks me to "Enter the network security key". The first time I did this I had to enter "12345678". But now it doesn't work anymore. It just says that the key is incorrect.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Sahand-Johansen

    Currently there is an issue connecting to the cloud caused by the latest version of libcurl in the Lede base firmware. We're looking to see if we can do anything about it at the moment as this has never happened before.

    Can you tell us the following:

    • Your computer's operating system
    • The last firmware version you remember on the Omega2+
    • Setup (eg. Expansion Dock)

    Are you able to connect via serial and rerun wifisetup? Please post screenshots when trying to connect to the Omega's wifi as well.

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