Json parser for shell script

  • I am trying to write some shell scripts to react to some sensors. However, the output of the sensor is in Json format.

    Is there any Json parser I could use ? I'd tried jq but the compiled version doesn't seems to work and I really don't want to use Python due to memory constrain. Any other idea?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you have a look in the wiki? wiki.onion.io

    There you might find some infos ... be aware that this wiki was made for omega1

  • @Luciano-S. Thanks for the feedback, I checked it but it seems the only project involving Json using Python to do the parsing job....

    Actually I want to use jq since my scripts runs well on a Rpi with jq. Thus I want to find at least a jq alternative. Also Omega2' s memory is too small for compiling jq and pre- compiled binary doesn't work... (Cross compiling is doable but if that's not for a faint of heart...)

  • @Ls-Song , you could probably do a issue on Github and asking if they could compile for you. Or did you try on the cloud?

    It sounds that you use a omega1? the omega2+ comes with 128MB would this be still not enough?

  • @Luciano-S. I am on Omega2+ and I have some stuff already put inside the omega... I think maybe I need follow your suggestion and put a request on Git...


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