Install LAMP, FTP and PhpMyAdmin on your Onion Omega

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    @Andrew-Doherty It's telling you that it cannot find the /etc/init.d/apache file or /etc/rc.common file? And you can show me the output that says that?

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    @Andrew-Doherty Can you try running /etc/init.d/apache start?

  • I get the same error.

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    @Andrew-Doherty Can you try replacing the content of /etc/init.d/apache with the following:

    #!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
    start() {
        sleep 5
        apachectl start
    restart() {
        apachectl restart
    stop() {
        apachectl stop

  • Hi @Boken-Lin , found the problem! I use notepad++ to produce the file in windows when it saves it notepad uses windows line returns. Switching this to unix in edit - EOL conversion it then started to work as expected. Thanks for your help, I hope this helps others in a similar position.

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    @Andrew-Doherty That's fantastic! Thanks for letting us know the solution :)

  • i facing error while running the phpmyadmin

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class phpseclib\Crypt\Random in /usr/share/htdocs/phpmyadmin/libraries/phpseclib/Crypt/Random.php on line 43

    but if i check the php version and i will get an normal output without error .


    // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

    // Show just the module information.
    // phpinfo(8) yields identical results.


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    @chee-sum-kong Hmmm, seems that there might be some bug in the code for phpmyadmin. According to this post, this bug should have been addressed in version of phpmyadmin: Can you check which version you are running? We may need to manually upgrade the package to a newer version.